An entirely different approach to impacting the veterans and military family communities

ScoutComms CEO Fred Wellman participates in a Defense One and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America hosted panel on the challenges facing our veteran community at the National Press Club.

ScoutComms is the trusted partner to help you address the needs and challenges of our nations greatest assets


We are an award winning Washington D.C. area based social enterprise communications, advocacy and philanthropic strategy firm supporting veterans, military families and organizations committed to their well being.

ScoutComms, Inc. is organized as a Virginia Benefit Corporation and is one of the first in the nation focused on veterans and military family issues.

Our firm’s mission is to empower veterans’ and military families through communications grounded initiatives and collaborative alliances that lead to greater awareness of veterans’ needs and expanded access to economic and social resource opportunities. Our goal is a society that better understands the needs of veterans and military families – and is committed to helping provide greater access to the social and economic resources essential to their health and well being.


As a Benefit Corporation we are committed to more than just making a profit but reaching new levels of transparency, social impact and employee support. The B Corp movement is the founded on the belief that government and non-profits can’t meet all of the challenges of our society and the business community can be a force for good as well as employment and economic success. ScoutComms is currently in the process of attaining our coveted certification as a B Corp to join the 1,300 companies world-wide that are placing mission on the same level as profit.

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