An entirely different approach to impacting the veterans and military family communities

Fred Wellman discussing client Kongsberg Protech Systems Protector Remote Weapons Station with West Point classmate Congressman Brett Guthrie of Kentucky on Capitol Hill

ScoutComms is a social enterprise solution to help your mission in these critical efforts


We are an award winning Washington D.C. area based social enterprise communications, advocacy and philanthropic strategy firm supporting veterans, military families and organizations committed to their well being. ScoutComms, Inc. is organized as a Benefit Corporation and is one of the first in the nation focused on veterans and military family issues.

Our firm’s mission is to empower veterans’ and military families through communications grounded initiatives and collaborative alliances that lead to greater awareness of veterans’ needs and expanded access to economic and social resource opportunities. Our goal is a society that better understands the needs of veterans and military families – and is committed to helping provide greater access to the social and economic resources essential to their health and well being.

Fred‘s understanding of how to navigate through the often complex and confusing landscape of the U.S. Department of Defense is unequaled. His ability to effectively implement cutting edge social media concepts, combined with the standards of a high caliber communications strategy, lead to incredible results.

Brian Morrison
Founder and CEO, Believe in Tomorrow National Children’s Foundation

What is ‘Precision Public Relations’?

Precision PR is our unique methodology that avoids the “shotgun” approach. It means knowing every aspect of our sectors in detail and in depth. We find the right journalist, channel, event, or partner for our specific client and their unique story and then we precisely engage with the right messages at the right time to generate mission success for our clients.

ScoutComms has “cracked the nut” for us in terms of helping us shape our message, then target it to where it produces the results we need. Your firm’s short involvement in our project, both on our behalf and our client’s, has replaced months of fruitless phone calls and trial-and-error. ScoutComms is our “secret weapon” for government relations and understanding how our project can fit within the system.

Bart Kemper, P.E.
President, Kemper Engineering Services, LLC

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