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Survey: Veteran Community Leaders Overwhelming Support Military Service of Transgender Troops

Survey: Veteran Community Leaders Overwhelming Support Military Service of Transgender Troops

Combat readiness and maintaining military strength identified as key determinants for transgender policy among influencers

Fredericksburg, Va. – A poll of veteran and military family community leaders and experts found that 85 percent support allowing transgender Americans who meet current physical, mental, and security standards to serve openly in the U.S. military. Sixty-eight percent of respondents rank combat readiness as the most important factor policymakers should consider when determining the future of transgender military policy, and 55 percent rank maintaining military strength second.

Scout Insight, the market research arm of leading communications and consulting firm ScoutComms, conducted the proprietary Scout Index survey to develop a quantitative understanding of experts’ reaction to President Donald Trump’s tweets from July 26, 2017, when he announced that the military “will not accept or allow [t]ransgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. [m]ilitary.”

“Any time news breaks, our instinct as communicators is to scan Twitter or Facebook to see how leaders and influencers are responding,” said Lauren Jenkins, managing director of Scout Insight and vice president at ScoutComms. “The sentiment anyone sees on those platforms tends to conform to our own inherent biases, which is why ScoutComms created the Scout Index to not only give leaders in the veteran and military family communities a larger share of voice, but also to help those outside our community see beyond singular social media posts.”

The Scout Index consists of more than 200 experts and leaders in the military and veteran communities, including representatives from veteran-serving organizations, companies with a focus on veterans, the public sector, media outlets and other related stakeholders. The Index is made up of the men and women who Americans turn to when they need to understand the issues affecting veterans and military families.

Among Scout Index respondents, 82 percent say it is inappropriate for the president to announce military personnel policies via Twitter.

The full question set can be found below. Follow @ScoutComms on Twitter and subscribe to our weekly Scout Report newsletter for more news and analysis about the veterans and military family communities.


If a transgender person meets all current physical, mental, and security standards, should he or she be allowed to serve openly in the U.S. military?

Yes – 47

No – 8


How appropriate is it for the president to announce military personnel policies via Twitter?

Rank the factors that should be considered by policymakers when determining the future of transgender persons’ service in the military.


ScoutComms is a communications and consulting firm with unmatched knowledge and experience in the nation’s veteran and military communities. We support a diverse array of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that employ, empower and serve veterans, service members and their families. We offer a wide range of qualitative and quantitative services, including public relations, advocacy, market research and strategy development. Based in the Washington, D.C. area, we are an award-winning Certified B Corporation and one of the first registered Benefit Corporations (B-Corps) focused on veterans and military families. Benefit Corporations are for-profit entities that want to simultaneously answer to two bottom lines: profit and societal impact. Visit us online at Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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