Message from Fred Wellman, President

Amid the ever-changing, and sometimes overwhelming, news about COVID-19, safety for your and our employees is our top priority at ScoutComms. We are already a remote workplace so we've been practicing 'social distancing' for a while. This also means you won't see any changes in our ability to service your needs and support your mission in this difficult time where telling your story is more important than ever. We continue to welcome new clients in need of support for this crisis and your overall public relations and research needs.

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9-years and counting


I started ScoutComms 9-years ago in my basement when I saw that there were few if any veterans in the public relations agency sector. Since then we’ve grown and become a premier national niche agency and Best For the World global benefit corporation. We have built a firm with an unmatched knowledge of the veteran and military family communities while touching on a broad range of larger sectors from higher education to mental health to government affairs and a host of others.


As we go into our tenth year of business we have a tail wind behind us as ScoutInsight and our world class research team build the Veterans Research Network and leveraging our vast experience to create an even greater impact and growth for our clients and partners. In this last nine years we’ve learned, changed and grown as an agency.


I often tell the story privately of the day I decided to start ScoutComms. I had an interview with a great agency in northern Virginia that had gone well but they weren’t sure if they had the business to back up bringing me on board. The COO asked me what my goals were and when I told him to maybe start my own firm someday he said I should do it now. I said I didn’t know what right looked like to run an agency after 22-years in the Army. He laughed and said “None of us know what the f$xk we are doing. You will figure it out.” I launched the company on my way down I-95.


We have learned. We’ve made mistakes. But we’ve made spectacular successes and worked with some of the most important clients you can imagine. So, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this next chapter in our history. We have an incredibly talented team, processes and products that are impactful and one-of-a-kind to support our clients. The sky’s the absolute limit for ScoutComms and our clients and partners.


Thank you for your support and continued faith in what has become the unquestionable leading agency in the world focused on veterans and military family issues and the sectors that can learn from their experiences. We are a firm that wears its mission on its sleeve and we won’t ever quit pushing to make this a better community.


Hold on to your hat. It’s about to get even more interesting.

Fred Wellman

Founder and CEO

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