Research Services

An Inside Look: The Market Research Division of ScoutComms

No firm understands the veteran and military family communities like ScoutComms. Our deep knowledge of these communities is rooted in years of experience as members and advocates for these diverse, independent groups. From that expertise, our ScoutInsight research arm was born. Using research, surveys, open source information, focus groups, interviews and access to top influencers in the space, ScoutInsight produces rapid, expert analysis that allows our clients to make strategic decisions that move them closer to their goals. Whether it is a market segmentation study, customer journey mapping, a gap analysis, or defining your brand, ScoutInsight research offers our clients an awareness of the trends and opportunities imperceptible to others.

ScoutComms is a national communications, marketing and research firm with unmatched knowledge and experience of the nation’s veteran and military communities. We support a wide range of for-profit, not-for-profit and government organizations that employ, empower and serve veterans, service members and their families. We provide an array of qualitative and quantitative services, including public relations, advocacy, market research and strategy development, that help our clients Understand, Engage and Activate the veteran and military communities. ScoutComms is an award-winning Certified B Corporation and one of the first registered Benefit Corporations (B Corp) focused on veterans and military families.

Our Services Include

  • The Baseline Media Assessment
  • Focus Groups and Interviewing
  • Surveys and Data Collection
  • Custom Multi-Mode Research
  • Scoutindex
  • Veterans Research Network