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We believe that when organizations engage military connected communities, they should do so armed with accurate knowledge and information. They should know what words to say, what ideas to share, and what images to use. Unfortunately, everyone has encountered companies that try too hard to be patriotic, rely on bad stock photos, or fail to understand what the military community actually needs and wants. We believe everyone can and should do better, which is why we advise America’s businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. But we need your help.

What we are doing

ScoutInsight, the market research division of ScoutComms, is building a unique online research community of veterans, service members, military family members and caregivers. Through the Veterans Research Network, you will be able to share your opinions and knowledge with decision-makers running the organizations that impact your lives.

Why we are doing it

We believe that organizations develop better policies and practices toward the veteran and military communities when they understand what members of these communities want, believe, and care about. Many organizations rely on internal voices or make a guess to come to these conclusions. We think they can do better and we need your help. As a member of VRN, you will help military-friendly organizations make data-driven decisions guided by your personal experience and knowledge.

Why we need your help

With your help, we will build the nation’s largest network of military-connected volunteers interested in participating in important surveys, focus groups, and flash polling about a wide range of topics and issues relevant to the veteran and military family communities. Anyone connected with the military can join, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation or any other defining characteristics. We want all voices and perspectives represented.

How you will make a difference

Your involvement and feedback through this program will be a critical component in making sure the needs of your community are being heard and represented in order to promote development and growth. Your participation is THE vital component in ensuring that organizations are able to make decisions with your military community knowledge and experiences in mind.

When you join the Veterans Research Network, we’ll find the best opportunities for you, compensate you for your time, and NEVER sell your information to a third party. So what are you waiting for?

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How it works

When creating your profile, you will be asked to provide information about yourself, including demographics, military affiliation, interests and contact information. ScoutInsight uses your information for research purposes only, and your personalized data will never be sold to a third party. Creating your profile will only take 2 minutes.
Once you create a profile, you will be contacted with opportunities to participate in surveys, polls and focus groups. Each time we contact you, we’ll outline the requirements for your participation and any incentives that may be provided if you qualify and participate.
We may contact you up to 10 times per year for online surveys and up to 3 times per year for focus groups. You decide what surveys to take or not take, and you can opt out at any time. This community is completely voluntary, and you are in charge of what knowledge you want to share.
  • ScoutInsight is a division of ScoutComms, a leading veteran-owned Benefit Corporation dedicated to making a positive social impact. We will only ask you to participate in activities that contribute to positive improvements for the veteran and military family communities.
  • We guarantee research integrity. Research integrity refers to our commitment to equitable research practices consisting of open and honest dialogue with potential research participants and fair market pay for your knowledge and time contribution to our sector and clients.
  • Unlike other online surveys, you won't spend hours answering the same questions.
  • ScoutInsight will request your participation no more than 13 times per year (up to 10 online surveys and up to 3 focus groups).
  • We don't use gimmicks or points as incentives, and you will always know the incentive up front before agreeing to participate.
  • If you ever have a question about a survey you receive, you can call us and talk to an actual person.
  • You will never be asked to pay for anything.
  • We will NEVER share your information with anyone.
The opinions you provide in focus groups and online surveys will help Veteran Service Organizations, government agencies, and businesses that serve the military-connected community make their products and services better. This community is all about YOU sharing your knowledge and experiences to help positively impact the organizations that truly care about you and your families.