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As experienced veteran advocates and professional communicators we employ a diverse array of tools, channels, and resources to help our clients make a difference

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Scout Insight

No one knows the veteran and military family communities as deeply as ScoutComms. We’re leveraging our understanding of the communities we serve to help our clients gain insight about how to best impact those communities. Using research, surveys, open source information, and access to top influencers in the space, we produce rapid, expert analysis that allows our clients to make strategic decisions that support their goals.

In-Depth Strategic Planning

  • Help clients identify emerging trends and opportunities in the veteran and military space
  • Conduct comprehensive planning and review processes to help veteran-focused organizations develop or update their strategic plans

Marketing Communications

  • Conduct market research, message development, and context analysis
  • Provide expert assistance in understanding the military and veterans markets
  • Review creative materials for appropriateness and accuracy in targeting veterans and military

Issue and Brand Management

  • Survey and produce white papers on emerging issues in the veteran and military family communities
  • Measure and manage brand reputation through surveys and strategic communications

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Develop and implement veteran-focused corporate social responsibility programs
  • Evaluate non-profits as potential recipients of CSR support to ensure maximum impact and responsible investment
  • Donated Services: Provide communications support and other services to non-profits as part of a foundation or corporation’s donation or grant

Advocacy and Public Affairs

  • Develop strategies and execute campaigns to influence decision makers and leaders on key client issues and programs impacting veterans and military families
  • Outreach to key decision makers in government and the veteran community
  • Write and place op-eds, secure speaking engagements, and influence the conversation

Media Relations

  • Build relationships and conduct outreach to traditional media outlets; digital media and blogs; and official government-run news outlets

Digital Communications

  • Develop, grow, and maintain communications across digital platforms

Event Support

  • Support tradeshows, demonstrations, and other industry events with detailed preparation and aggressive execution

Graphic Design

  • Create compelling visual communications including all forms of print design, digital design, and promotional collateral. Manage vendor projects for print and promotional production